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Staff Profiles



Ryan “Frog” Walton

Frog’s final destiny was written during his infancy: to own his own aquarium shop. As a grubby 5-year-old, he constantly rummaged through the bushland in thongs in search of any animal or plant he could trade for cash. He would then beg his mother until she agreed to drive him around every aquarium store in Sydney looking for any rare underwater creature he could add to his ever-growing collection. This obsession never wavered. He gained work experience at Taronga Zoo and the Australian Museum, feeding his obsession for more. Storage of his collection soon became an issue when his mother told him to ship out and take his tanks with him. Despite this, he proceeded to rent a space across the road from her house (the Gaslight Inn wouldn’t let him set it up in the pub), and he and his mate Scott started Aquadisiac, serving as a constant reminder to his beloved mother how much time and effort she’d put into his obsession.


Jennifer "Jennifah" Zah....

Jennifah grew up in Winnipeg, Canada with the dream of becoming a celebrity veterinarian. Her dream was conceived long before Dr Chris Brown strutted his stuff down Bondi Beach holding a sheep... Jennifah is a humble softly spoken lass and would never admit to being envious of Dr Brown but at least she knows that she had the idea first. Jennifah is a very intelligent woman who already holds many University degrees and is currently studying Vet Science in Sydney and working casually at her favourite aquarium store. Jennifah has an extensive fish and pet keeping history. She successfully trained her pet beagle from the age of 12 to become a multi award winning champion agility dog. Jennifah also aligned herself with one of the world's leading authorities of aquarium fish keeping, which led her to become a prized exotic Betta breeder back home in Canada. Jennifer is now in Australia studying, breeding Bettas and caring for young orphan 'Miss Kitty Fantastico'. Jennifer has also taken up the sport 'beeah pong' in which she is already showing plenty of talent. Jennifah is planning on heading back to Canada after she obtains her Vet degree as the quiet Jennifah finds the Australian native birds a little too noisy and scary and the Australians lack of pronouncing the letter 'R' in words, extremely annoying.

Scott "Two-Shoes" Goodwin

Scott’s childhood was filled with animals of all types. He grew up in a household zoo, and although he couldn’t take any animals with him when he moved out of home, as soon as he could afford it, he bought himself a cat. This started his tradition of naming his pets bizarre things – with highlights such as Lentil Burger the dog-cat named after a vegetarian flatmate’s BBQ delights. His quest for employment on the different side saw him work as a freight sorter, balloon artist and the token straight barman at the Taxi Club. When the time was right, Scott found a mate, and spawned, producing a litter of 3 girls. After many hours at the Gaslight Inn contemplating their future, Scott thought that if he was so good at raising humans that fish would be a cinch, so over a few beers, he and Ryan decided to open the bestest aquarium in the universe and Surry Hills. They shared a love of animals of all types, with reptiles, amphibians and fish being top of the list. Their shared love produced a beautiful thing with Aquadisiac soon becoming the jewel of the community.


Mumma 'Kasa' Kitty

Mumma's beginnings are mysterious and to this day unknown to us. Her middle name 'Kasa' is a native Indian tribal name meaning 'dressed in furs'. We do know that she may have spent her childhood with the Hopi tribe in North Eastern Arizona.

Her previous caretakers are from the US and are current vet students. They were working in a vet clinic in Sydney's inner west when Mumma arrived heavily pregnant, hungry and in need of shelter. She gave birth to a litter of her own but remarkably became a surrogate mother to another litter of orphan kittens that had arrived at the vet at the same time. Mumma was still unwilling to share how she had arrived in Sydney but was very grateful for the assistance. All of the kittens she raised found loving homes throughout NSW. To this day she has not spoken of her history and insists that it is a topic we should no longer speak of. Her care givers returned to the US but Mumma refused to go with them and seemed traumatised by the thought.

Aquadisiac agreed to take her, thinking she would love to be living in an aquarium and pet store. However she was very distressed and anxious when she arrived. She fled, possibly to deal with issues from her past. We resorted to ancient Surry Hills tracking techniques to find Mumma. She was spotted several times but evaded capture. She was finally located in 'Cat Alley', a haven for cats trying to get their lives together. When she arrived to Aquadisiac for the second time she was a completely different cat, she was calm and happy to have found a place she can call home. Dogs beware; Mumma is defensive of her home resulting in dogs big and small retreating in fear of Mumma's hisses and fur raising threats. Today she quite often enjoys sitting on fish tanks and talking to the goldfish. Her favourite thing to do now is eat more than her fair share of Science Diet, then position herself on the Aquadisiac counter, to maximise her exposure to pats and cuddles to sooth her troubled past.