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We love aquatic plants, and try to carry as many species as possible, depending on what is available at any one time.

Probably the best choice for the absolute beginner, or those with plant-hungry goldfish, are Anubias and Java Fern - very low light, low nutrient, and you don't even need gravel, as they will grow on bare wood or rock.

There are some easy-to-grow staples that we will always have in stock - Ambulia, Hygro, Pennywort, Baby's Tears, Wisteria, Swords, Crypts - and lots of interesting choices for people with good lighting and fertilisation - Pogo, Mayaca, Pine Needles, Diandra, Macranda, Wallichi, Milfoil, Aponogetons, Lotuses.

For the real enthusiasts we are also able to obtain some of the harder-to-find and infinitely more interesting varieties. If you are seeking a particular rare plant, please contact us.

A good range of plants that are great for ponds including some floating plants, and waterlillies.

We obtain the bulk of our plants from Pisces Enterprises. You can view their catalogue CLICK HERE

Please call (02) 9360 2782 or Click to Email to see what is instock now!


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